Juice Shops


It has been my dream for years to open a “Healthy Eatery” that provides juice, smoothies and healthy snacks. Often when I share my dream I am met with loving support encouraging me to shoot for the stars. So here it goes. The Juicy Life Juice Co. has been going strong for over a year now and is continuing to pick up momentum. The juice and health industries have shown no signs of slowing their growth either. If you have been dreaming of a career that is rewarding, challenging and healthy this may be the right opportunity for you. I am looking to partner with someone or a group of people to open a shop, I dream of making healthy food and drink more accessible for our community, I dream of a fun shabby chic environment where people can hangout and build healthy community, I dream of watching The Juicy Life to grow to serve many others vibrant nourishment. If this sounds like something you are interested in becoming a part of, let me know. Any and all ideas are welcome. 

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